Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ken's "Spirit" sculpture for "Body, Mind and Spirit"

Moving stone from Briar Hill Stone, Killbuck.

Ken Arthur, great friend, inspiring artist and co-conspirator for the Galion commission in his studio.
Working with Ken was one of many pleasures of creating this artwork.

How does it look? Ken's stone and metal piece together for the first time.

Under Ken's guidance, we prepped the area for the stones.

August, 2009, installation day. Some excellent planning and the help
of good friend, Al Brown carry us through the day.

And it's standing! Now we just have to get the other two up. This stones weighs about 1600 lbs.

Ken's "Spirit" sculpture on a beautiful morning in October.

The completed work.

A detail from the top.

Keith's "Mind" sculpture for "Body, Mind and Spirit"

Moving a ton of stone from Killbuck to Homeworth.

Ken Arthur and Keith plotting. It is June and we're preparing to spend a day digging footers.

A long day. Studio serfs sound like a really good idea!

Keith carving at the studio annex at Blackberry Farm in Homeworth.

The levitation process begins. Or is it arm wrestling time.

Moving stones just like the Egyptians.

The completed "Mind" Oct 2009.

A couple of details.

Stages of creating "Body" for "Body, Mind and Spirit"

The finished piece, "Body" set 6" below ground on a 4' footer.
Below I've posted some of the various stages of putting together the "Body" part
of "Body, Mind and Spirit" for Galion Community Hospital. August 2009.
A bit out of order, but you'll get the idea.

Now what? Lots of wizardry on installation day. Keith and I pondering levitation.

Carving stone in the studio annex at Blackberry Farm.

Rudy and Keith 'flipping' the stones so that they could be carved on all sides. Simple physics really works!

Digging footers in June. Ah, the skills I have acquired through this experience!

The finished cast piece on installation day, August 2009.

Another view of the finished cast piece on the installation day.

Here I am fixing up the clay piece before it gets cast. The casting was accomplished
under the careful direction of Ron and Michelle at Light Sculpture Works in Cleveland.

In the beginning...there was clay...well really styrofoam before that, but that didn't quite work out.

Galion Commission

The finished installation of "Body, Mind and Spirit" at Galion Community Hospital.
This view is from the parking lot side. Priscilla's work is on the left, Ken Arthur's in center and Keith's is on the right.

"Body, Mind and Spirit" completed commission for Galion Community Hospital, Galion, Ohio.
Ken Arthur's stone is facing us, Priscilla's on the right and Keith's on the left. This view is from behind the sculpture.
This labor of love occupied us for most of 2009 having received the commission in August 2008. It is a first collaboration for the three of us.

Ken at work in his amazing studio space on "Spirit" made of copper.

Keith's finished piece, carved sandstone base and top sculpture, "Mind" is forged steel.

Priscilla's finished sculpture. Carved sandstone base and cast bronze "Body" on top.
Still some drying out needed from a faulty irrigation system for the garden.

August 2009, a long day of moving stones ranging from 975 lbs to 1600 lbs. I have a new appreciation for Stonehenge.

The site prior to sculpture and garden. Priscilla, Ken and Keith trying to determine layout of the elements.
What a crew!